Meme Conversation Between Nana And Mahama


As election 2016 draws closer and things get more tense, everyone is nervous, and that’s where we come in, give things a more lighthearted feel and make you laugh. Let’s take a look at the conversation between Nana and Mahama.


“So this guy really think say he go chop the thing? E dey funny me sef”


“Me mome? I build dubai, what you build?”


“I go build one dam per district, Top that”


“Hahaha, how are you even making policies from outside the flag staff house? You can’t even get in”


“We’ll see about that next week, you will surely go back on your words”


“I never go back on anything, haven’t you heard of “no ababas3”?


Nana Addo: “Ok it’s on, may the best man win”

Mahama: “Thank you. I will”






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