You Will Be Surprised That These Lines Still Work


There are certain lines that guys use and you just think to yourself “No way that’s going to work on any girl” right? Wrong! Even though a few might backfire, there are some corny lines that will still get you the desired response.  Let’s look at a few.

I don’t want your boyfriend to come and beat me:


Likeeee, this line is so played out, you know it, and she knows, but what is she going to do? Not reply you? Exactly! She’s going to reply with “I don’t have a boyfriend” (or I have a boyfriend, which is what you’re not trying to hear at all), Corny or not, mission accomplished.


Where did you park:


As it appears, it’s not only guys that use unconventional methods to ask questions that could have been asked in one sentence, girls do it too, like when you’re going out with them and they ask “Where are you parked” and now you have to tell them whether or not you own a car.


Is your girlfriend coming too:


When you invite her out and she asks if your girlfriend is going to be there too, why would anyone do that? Just ask me if I have a girlfriend and go.


Come Outside:

These two words are nightmares for guys, when you’re expecting a chick to pay for her own taxi and she says these words to you, you know you’re about to cough up some money you’re going to regret soon.


Bring food:


Your friends are going to tell you this everytime you say you’re coming over, 9 times out of 10 you’re going to do it even though it’s annoying, you’re not going to let your lovely friend starve are you?






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