Things You’ve Got To Know After You Dump Your Campus Partner



Sometimes it feels like the end of the world for some people after they break up with their lovers. To others, it’s like they’ve offloaded all their burdens. Some people break up and get so upset just because they can’t get over their partner already. Cry no more, we’re going to help you forget that ingrate soon.

First of all, don’t go about tarnishing the image of your Ex

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The fact that you broke up with your lover doesn’t mean you should go about telling people bad things about them even if they are true. Whatever the case, even if they really treated you bad, just let it go because its over and you need to move on with your life. Perhaps, breaking up was the perfect opportunity for you to find a perfect soul mate.

You need to cut your partner off 

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If you really really want to get rid of your partner, then its very safe to cut them off completely. You might probably want to know how they are faring after the break up and might even end up stalking them on social media because its very difficult sometimes to just get rid of someone you’ve shared a lot of happy moments with. You broke up so it’s time to move on. Just move on!

Find something to do so you totally forget about the break-up

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You just broke up with your partner, so you’ll probably be thinking a lot about it and this might even affect your studies. Find something to do in order to keep your mind off the break up. Everyone has their own way of releasing stress so do that more often to get a sound mind.

You must not rush into finding another partner

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You just broke up and all those hungry dogs are ready to jump on you just to waste your life again. Just Relax!! Try and figure out some of the mistakes you made in your previous relationship and how you are going to go about it in your next relationship.

Don’t tell the whole world you broke up

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Telling everyone you broke up shows how desperate you are to get into another relationship. This will invite more ‘time wasters’ into your life. Just keep everything on the low and wait for the right time.


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