This Is How Girls Make You Cancel Dates Without Getting You Mad


When she’s extra nice to you the whole week and you don’t know why


Then on Friday, she tells you she wants to cancel your date for girls night out. Then it all starts to make sense.


But she has been so good to you the whole week, that you don’t want to be an asshole, so you let her cancel.

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 Then she’s just in her room, laughing at how much she played you like…


Now you’re stuck at home, bored as hell, so you call her and ask how the night is going, and she says she’s bored, and wishes she had stayed with you.


She’s probably in the club with her friends like,


Now you’re just home, ECG just took the lights, so you this




Don’t cry, don’t beg, you got finessed my brother. Take the L and go.


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