10 Lies We Tell Ourselves The Beginning Of Every Semester

At the beginning of every semester people set goals and make some promises that they fail to keep. It’s very easy to say you’ll do this and that this semester but how to execute what you said it’s the problem. This has become a normal lie you tell yourself almost every semester and here are some of them.

I will never miss tutorials or group work

*But it’s time for tutorial and…*

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I will not miss lectures this semester and…

*When it’s time to wake up and get ready for lectures*

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…I will pay attention and write notes at every lecture I attend

*You get there and the only thing you pay attention to is your phone*

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I will start drinking less alcohol

*But you can’t even let go in your sleep

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No procrastinating of assignments

Image result for look at all these projects and papers i haven't started


I will visit the library more often

When it’s time to go to the library…

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This sem, I’m going to sleep at a reasonable time every night so i wake early for morning lectures


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I won’t go for every drink up or party 

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I’ll go through my notes right after class

*This is literally you after every lecture*

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I will finish learning  my notes before exams start

*You the night before your exams*

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