Vodafone Takes Customer Appreciation A Notch Higher With Free Browsing

Claims of freebies and giveaways are usually met with a pinch of salt, especially when it’s a telco making the claim. Well that was the reaction to Vodafone Ghana’s claim of FREE 2-hour browsing from yesterday.

But like every other situation, there are exceptions and that is exactly what Ghana’s most trusted telecommunication network, Vodafone has done. At the stroke of 10 am today, the network became free for all customers to experience the power of unlimited data. For the brand that has consistently wowed and awed Ghanaians with the best of data and voice calls on offer, this is a step too far and the first of its kind when it comes to customer loyalty reward in Ghana.

The network has given the whole of Ghana the opportunity to check on friends while keeping in touch with family, learn and update apps as well as catch up on the YouTube shows you’ve missed the past couple of days or weeks probably months. You don’t just get to be in the know, you also get to share the experience of being a part of the big Vodafone family.

There is too much data for whatever you want to do, and the experience doesn’t end here, from what we hear, they are looking at extending the experience to a full day for a million likes on the latest campaign, #MYPLUS1 on Facebook. So just get on Facebook, like and share the video for more of the good stuff. Chale, the downloads, and browsing never ends.

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