Gifty Anti Is Not Entertaining Any More Questions On Her Alleged Affair With Ex-President Kuffuor

This is the GOAT. The OG. The Queen Mother. Sometimes, people call her Gifty Anti

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Gifty Anti

She used to be the face of “Go and sleep”, when the News comes on

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Bye Felicia

Then came the rumours that ex-President Kuffuor was “handling” her

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Which she has consistently denied. Over, and over, and over.

So when it came up in an an interview with Hitz FM once again, for like the 17000th time, this is what she had to say;

I’m tired of answering questions with regards to whether or not Prez Kuffour had something to do with me. I’ve advised myself never to answer questions like that. The man has really worked hard, let’s allow the man to have his own peace.

She continued, “I’m now married to the swagalious and a handsome husband who is a chief. I’m not answering those questions again. I’m happily married now and that’s it”.


That’s right! You go girl!!!



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