Very Intense Sex and 5 Other Things You Need To Avoid During Exam Period

Exam period, one of the hardest times of your life. Trying to recount the number of times you missed class, wondering where all your notes disappeared to… Here are six things to avoid if you don’t want to make it unnecessarily harder.

 Very Intense Sex
Sex might be a great stress-reliever, but right before a paper, it might be a little distracting. Even way after everything is said and done, the flashbacks might prevent you from being able to study. It’s better to abstain from it for a little while, so you can study adequately.


Everybody loves a good party, but during exam period, parties could become your worst enemy. Do not go to a party at this time of the semester, whether DJ Vyrusky is playing or there are free drinks don’t just go! This is because you might get a hangover or get to sleep late which might lead to you missing your exam.You can chill a bit to release stress but don’t over-do it.


Some Friends

Friends are awesome, but they can do so much once that paper is in front of them, they might even forget how close they are to you. Some friends must be avoided during exams period… Period!  There is nothing like a group examination or a group re-sit, you know.



Long-distance Journeys
The witches in your hometown can strike at any time, and so, be a step ahead of them by making sure you are near your school and stay there in time for your paper. Do not travel home when you are writing your exams, after exam comes vacation, just in case you forgot.



Studying All-night For A Paper The Next Morning
Fake Awake Sleeping Tape
God helps those who help themselves. Thus, help yourself to a full eight hours of sleep (maybe even nine) before your exam. What good will all your prayer or studies do when  you can barely stay awake for your paper? Besides you has a whole semester to prepare for the paper, why stress yourself when you have just a couple of hours to go.



Cramming The Day Before The Exam

If you really want to pass your exams, do NOT cram! This just puts unnecessary stress on you, right before the paper. This is also a bad move because, once you forget a thing, you forget them all. Make sure you study well in advance and always go to class.




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