Eight Types Of Ladies You Might Want To Avoid Falling In Love With

We may not admit it much, but most guys have had some rough experiences with women. And as they say, “Once bitten, you wise up”. Turns out there’s a formula for avoiding the problem women. Sure, it’s not foolproof or scientific or whatever, buuut…it could help you avoid any more…rough experiences.

Yes, rough experiences, because we’re too alpha male to say “heartbreaks”



Yeah, she’s stunning, and extremely vain. May or may not be very intelligent. Likely isn’t, because of the sheer amount of time she spends on her looks. Has probably had attention from guys all her life, and has never understood the need to bother with being interesting and alladat.


And that’s okay.




This one believes in her hype paa. Some call it confidence, some don’t call it confidence. They call it a lot of unpleasant things that we can write. She usually feels entitled to your worship, and is likely to be indifferent to you…and everyone, really, until no one is minding her. Then she wants to act up. This is the one that gives you trouble for not replying her text in a maximum of 13 seconds, but wants you to write application every time you want a text back.



This one wants to tell you what to do, who to hang with, where to go and all of that nansins. This is the one you have to avoid ankasa. She will fight you for texting your own cousin. It doesn’t matter if you were out saving the world, if you haven’t done what she told you to do, fogerrit.



At first this one is cute, but it gets annoying after a while. Because change is annoying, and this one wants to change you to fit their pre-determined standards. I mean, they probably mean the best, but it does get tiring. Sometimes, you just want to wallow in your mediocrity, but this one wants to nag about why you’re not 6’4”, rich, smart and campaigning for president.


She probably noticed that I started a sentence with “Because”, and it doesn’t really qualify as a proper sentence either. See? Smh….men are trash



Won’t take responsibility for her actions? Wants to fight over everything? Always complaining? Cries at the least opportunity? Yeah, just track back like a Mourinho winger



I personally don’t have a problem with this one. She knows she has a ting in demand, and she’s leveraging it. That’s smart, in my opinion. But you see, she believes your role in her life is to shower her with gifts and cash as your only way of loving her. She can demand for Africa and she believes you must attend to her. And if the day comes when you cannot furnish her demands, hehe



These types of ladies literally can’t live without you. With this type of woman, say complete bye to your days of doing anything by yourself. And if your phone ever dies, and you’re not able to text back, yeah…you’re gonna have a problem. It’s too much love that is her problem



She plays on your emotions, she doesn’t commit to anything more than a casual relationship because her sights are still set on other guys. And these are the ones that most guys are intrigued by. Just don’t slack and fall in love, cos she’ll wipe the floor with you.



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