5 Ways To Help Your Friend With Body Odor Without Hurting Their Feelings


We all have that one friend who has body odor which gets worse day by day. Sometimes, we are scared to hug them because that awesome smell of theirs will be all over us too. If you have a friend (even though you could be your own friend) in this situation, these few tips can help you out.


Personal Hygiene

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In order to reduce body odor, an individual must improve on their personal hygiene. Body odor results when bacteria reacts with sweat glands. Regular shaving of pubic hair will prevent a swampy environment for the growth of bacteria, so let’s just be interns and shave everyday. Therefore, if a person sweats regularly they are liable to smell bad. It is very beneficial  someone with body odor baths regularly with antibacterial soap.


Advice them to use baking soda as natural deodorant

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Breakfast is good, but let’s not use all our baking soda to prepare pastries. Baking soda can be used in place of roll ons or deodorant.

Baking soda can be used as a natural deodorant because:

  1. It absorbs sweat faster from the skin and keeps it dry.
  2. It kills bacteria.

This helps to neutralize smell and therefore prevents excessive body odor.


They should drink lots of water everyday

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Drinking lots of water daily helps to clear toxins and waste products from the body. Water keeps the body well hydrated. At least 5 glasses of water will help make a difference to body odor problems, so lets drink… a lot of water.

Applying vinegar under arms

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According to doctors, vinegar helps lower the pH level of the skin, so do not think it is only used to clean veggies, they can take away all that bad smell you have. All you have to do is smear a small amount of vinegar under the arm after taking a bath and be assured it will do the trick.


Wear clean, dry shoes and socks

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People usually concentrate on the odor that emits from their armpits and totally forget about that purge smell from their feet after they remove their shoes. They should try as much as possible to keep their shoes and sneakers dry always to prevent bacteria growth. Also, changing shoes regularly will prevent odor from staying so concentrated in one shoe.




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