5 Times Girls Wrongly Think They Have You Figured Out

This is not even like an article or whatever. This is a public service announcement. Too many relationships have been dashed against the rocks for lack of knowledge. But it needn’t be so. The world needs a prophet to spread the truth about what goes on in guys’ minds at various points in our lives.


When Your Team Loses


Sometimes Mourinho employs bad tactics and loses to Chelsea (by a four bloody goal margin), and you simply can’t wrap your head around why that happened. And at that point, you really just want to sleep, cos you’ve got so many questions. You unconsciously carry it to bed and your girl wants to play Sherlock Holmes all of a sudden, and tries to make it about her. Joe, relax. De Gea swallow four. This is neither the time, the place nor the mood for Sherlock Ebaadze.


When You Owe Someone


“Please don’t answer my phone” somehow gets interpreted as “I’m cheating on you, so don’t answer my phone because you’ll end up finding out about my infidelity”. Sometimes I just don’t answer the phone because I owe somebody 230 cedis, and no, I don’t have to explain to you why I’m avoiding the call, can you please trust me this once? Damn!


Your Exhausted Your Airtime

pretty young woman looking surprised at her text message
pretty young woman looking surprised at her text message

Sucks to be the guy whose airtime gets exhausted at 2am in the morning, during a heated argument, (no, I don’t have ExpressPay). So now you have to explain how it wasn’t you that hang up, but how? You just ran out of credit, so you have to wait till 7 am. That gives her 5 whole hours to assume a whole lot of sh*t. If you have ever been in this situation, I’m sorry about your ex bro.


You Lost A Bet


What’s going through his mind: “Why weren’t the odds in my favour?, why couldn’t Cavanni convert that simple kick?”

What’s going through her mind: “Why is he acting like that? Has he found someone new? My jollofdey bore?”. No he hasn’t found someone new, he was just trying to find an easy way to surprise you with the overpriced purse you hinted that you wanted for your birthday. Granted, it didn’t work, but can you please give him some space to grieve peacefully?


You Just Want To Be Left The Fuck Alone:


Just like every human being, sometimes men just want to be left alone for a few minutes. No, you didn’t do anything, i just need some me time to think about my life, and why Kwame is getting more girls than me. (Only tell her this if you have a death wish). We get used to your sporadic mood swings, we should be rewarded by getting some quiet time to ourselves without having to start a fight.



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