The 6 Types Of People You Meet In Traffic

Yesterday, I did something weird. I mean, I’m always doing something weird. But this was different. I wanted to see how many different types of people I could identify in traffic. You never thought about it, did you? Turns out, it’s not all “Yes FanIceYogortChokrit”. There’s actually different types of people driving and walking and…just simply existing in traffic. You could actually meet the love of your life in traffic

Check this out:

We’ve Got The Shoppers


You see, that thing called a shopping mall? Apparently you don’t need it. If you’re proactive enough in traffic, you can get everything you need, from toiletries to groceries, the traffic shopper buys any and everything, mostly out of habit.

And Then There’s Angry Douchebag


There’s always that one person who’s perpetually angry in traffic and nobody seems to know why. These people are going to insult you on the least provocation. Like you see this man in this picture doing.

Oh And We Have The One We All Hate: The Honker


One of the most annoying characters yet, these people are always in a hurry to go somewhere (or nowhere, as I’ve come to realise), and they will make an entire hip hop beat with their horns if you don’t move exactly 00000.1 seconds after the traffic light turns green.

Ew…The Perv


For the ladies, there’s always a guy behind the wheel that has this same exact rapey look on their faces. If it’s their life’s mission to get ladies uncomfortable, then they do a damn good job because it works 100% of the time.

*Eye-Roll* The Stunters


There are always going to be cars like this in traffic, and you find yourself simultaneously thinking “Oh so they can’t fly afterall” and “what am I doing wrong in this life?”. Either ways, they are stunting on youuuuuuuuu.

Your Dream Cougar/Sugar Daddy


You know that feeling where something you have always dreamed of, is dangled before you, and snatched right back before you get to make a move? Well, yeah, you’re probably going to meet the ideal sugar mummy in traffic at least a 100 times in your life, and each of those times you’re not going to do anything. Just a momentary gasp, and back to reality. Same applies to the sugar daddies too. But at least sugar daddies are more realistic, because #menaretrash


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