Q&A With EC Head of Communications: 11 Important Things You Need To Know About Election Rules


So this year, like Kwami Sefa Kayi, said, there hasn’t been much education on election rules and all that extra stuff we need to know. There are a few things you probably didn’t know that you should know, if you want to go cast your ballot with as little disturbances as possible. So we spoke to the Head of Communications at the Electoral Commission, Mr. Dzakpasu and got a few tips.

1. Time

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Kuulpeeps: What time does voting start and end?

Mr Eric Kofi Dzakpasu: Voting starts at 7am and ends at 5pm.

Kuulpeeps: So what happens if a voter is in the cue and it’s 5pm?

EMD: Anyone in the cue before 5pm will be allowed to vote, but after 5pm no one will be allowed to join the cue.


2. Duck Face Selfies

Kuulpeeps: Are we allowed to take our duck face selfies at the polling station?

EMD: No. Individuals are not allowed to take duck face selfies or any other kind of pictures at the polling stations, because it might compromise security.


3. Technical Support

Kuulpeeps: What do I do if I have biometric problems?

EMD: If a voter is not verified after several attempts the attention of the presiding officer will be drawn and he will take the voter through a manual verification.


4. Holiday or Naw?

Kuulpeeps: Will the day be declared a National Holiday?

EMD: That will be the work of the interior ministry, but in previous years it has been a normal working day.


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5. Okro Mouth

Kuulpeeps: Is it legal to discuss my vote at work?

EMD: It’s the work of the Electoral Commission to protect the secrecy of every voters’ vote. So far as your vote wasn’t leaked by the Electoral Commission, any discussion about your vote is your own decision.


6. Party Jerseys

 Kuulpeeps: Are we allowed to wear our party colors to vote?

EMD: No. No one is allowed to campaign or wear any party colors within 500m of the the polling station. You are also disallowed to sell any alcoholic beverage within the same perimeter. 

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7. Absentee Ballot

Kuulpeeps: You know, in America, if I won’t be around for the elections, I am allowed to let someone vote for me. Can we do that here?

EMD: No, this is not America


8. Misplaced Cards

Kuulpeeps: Am I allowed to vote without a voters ID card?

EMD: Yes. The ID card is basically for identification, but if you come without a card and there is a queue, you must wait. That being said, the Commission is still issuing out replacement for misplaced voters ID cards. Just pay an amount of 5GHS at any GCB Bank. Then you take your receipt from the bank to your district headquarters

Kuulpeeps: Will there be any major changes in this years elections compared to previous election years?

EMD: Yes. Previously there was the instance of ‘No verification no vote,’ but now you are allowed to go through a manual verification to vote. Also you’ll be allowed to vote if you don’t have your voters ID on you, provided you have registered. 


9. Declaration of the Winner

Kuulpeeps: When will the results of the elections be declared?

EKD: The law doesn’t state exactly when the results should be declared but in order to reduce anxiety among citizens, the results will be declared within 72 hours after all the ballot papers have been counted. 




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