I Left Ghana To The UK Because Of Dumsor – Slim Buster


We all remember this OG, right?

The popped collar, the sun glasses, the aboy…and my word, that “Check it out” pose.


Of course, we do!!! That’s Slim Buster Baybaaayyy 
Some of you might know him better by his O.G name – Dansoman Usher Raymond.


What a legend!

I mean, we all miss Slim Beezy right? Well it turns out, we don’t even deserve him in the first place.
You may or may not have noticed, but Slim Buster has not been in the music scene for some time. And why did he leave us for so long to suffer without his music and palatable dance moves ?

 According to  this interview with Sammy Flex, Slim had to leave the country “because of the power crisis”.  He explained, “I started having problems with lights, I was spending so much money on fuel  because some of us can’t sleep without lights. I was filling my huge plant in addition to my two cars so it was a bit too much for me. I decided to relocate from Ghana and concentrate on my family here in the UK.”
That’s right. We drove away a legend. 
This is why we don’t deserve nice things.

But wait…there’s hope!Like a Superhero, Slim Buster says he’ll be coming back to revive Hiplife and Highlife, because that’s what is missing from Ghanaian music right now.
Look!!! We can barely contain our excitement 



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