7 Reasons Why The NDC Could Win The 2016 Elections


1. The NDC Has General Mosquito


This guy right here is the NDC’s secret weapon. Very few people truly understand campaigning in Ghana like General Mosquito does.


2. Effective Campaign Machinery


Which brings us to point number 2. Pure, absolute campaignings. More billboards than MTN – Everywhere You Go! Rallies bigger than Shatta Wale concerts. And have you heard that Mahama paper song? E’dey Bee Roff!


3. Incumbency


If you’ve been living in a cave, you probably don’t know that Don Mahama is touring the country. He is not campaigning though. Nope. Don Mahama would never neglect his official duties to campaign for re-election.  What kind of person do you think he is? He is “accounting to the people”.

Also, I don’t drink water. I drink H20


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4. Mahama Charisma


He is tall, good looking, speaks great English and at least five other languages, uses an iPad and says, “Nooo abaabaasε”. He is a Christian from the Northern part of Ghana, who comes from a large influential family, and hasn’t lost touch with his roots.


They love him in the North, they love him in the South, and they love him on the ‘gram.


Unlike some people who are hated inside their own party


Hehe. Once again, lemme hear you say, “Nooo abaabas3”


5. Forgetfulness of Ghanaians


One interchange is about to win an election. Forget four years of Dumsor, and economic mismanagement. Dubai aba Ghana. E’dey bee k3k3.


6. 8 Years


Technically, Mahama hasn’t had 8 years, and those who are voting for the NDC because of Mahama, will do so again. Remember he’s got that height and that iPad that Ghanaians love so much. They’ll vote for him to finish his mandated 8 years, because in Ghana it is not our culture to vote people out before their 8 years is up. It is plain disrespectful.


And if you’re thinking, “Ah but the NDC has had 8 years already”…



Some people are not happy, but guess who is




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