7 Reasons Why The NPP Could Win The 2016 Elections

1. Policies


Nana and Bawumia seem to have brainwashed everyone into thinking the NPP has some great policies. Especially Bawumia. He’s always reciting some impressive technical words, like damn. Maybe we want you around after all.

Say something else, no…you already said “GDP”. Say “Retrogressive Taxation” one more time, boi.


2. Change


Lowkey, I just believe Ghanaians get bored of the same rhetoric after every 8 years. It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing Heaven to Ghana, if your 8 years are up…you have to go, issokay. Go and let someone enjoy some.


3. Better Branding


Drinking pure water? And nkatie? Surely it can’t get better than this.


Playing cards with the youth? Nana has join bad gang.


Drinking Kalyppo? And wearing a jipilu? 

I mean, damn. Look at Nana being relatable like the common man. I almost forgot all about his father being president and he being privileged. That’s the power of one groundnut and one pure water.

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4. Fixing the disunity


We haven’t heard a lot of noise from the NPP in a while. It’s like no one even throws acid around anymore. They seem to have fixed the disunity in their camp. Look at Kuffuor campaigning so hard for Nana that people thought he had died. Literally giving up his make-believe life so that Nana can become president. And he’s still alive after his make-believe death.

He should start his own religion already.


5. Strategic Alliances


There’s the sense that Charlotte Osei’s antics will cost the NDC if the election is forced into a run-off. People believe that since Mahama appointed her, she must be trying to disqualify the others because it will favourMahama. If the election does go to a run-off, let’s just say Nana might have it easier convincing the others to back him.


6. Division in the NDC camprawlings-and-mahama

Konadu might not have the stature to win, but she might be able to siphon away just enough votes to cost the NDC the election. Plus, a lot of NDC foot soldiers are disaffected with the party. Not even Montie Mugabe is happy. And then there are former NDC bigwigs campaigning for the NPP? Damn…not looking good.


7. Republican Win/Prophecies

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If the Republicans have won, then we should just stop the election already. And the prophets are prophesying a win for Nana? Then it’s all over. I mean, God has spoken through his prophets. What could go wrong for the NPP?


Seriously, what could go wrong?







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