24 Year Old Ghanaian EPL Star, Jeffrey Schlupp, Crashes His £190K Lamborghini And Says He Has 3 More

Here’s your daily dose of stunt worthy news. Where do we begin.


This is Jeffrey Schlupp

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Jeffrey Schlupp is an EPL Champion (Leicester) and a Ghana Black Stars player

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Yesterday, Jeffrey Schlupp crashed his £190,000 Super Car – A Lamborghini Huracan


And get this! When the paramedics were done tending to him, he shrugged and said “Oh well, I’ve got three other cars to choose from.”

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Witnesses reported that Schlupp skidded off the road in torrential rain on the northbound road near Lutterworth. As well as the Lambo, Schlupp also owns a £60,000 black Range Rover Sport and a £105,000 BMW i8. The 23-year-old also took delivery of a Mercedes sports car last year.

He’s only 24! You can’t even hate, because where is your own talent? That’s right. Cri.




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