Shatta Wale Attacks People Who Complained About His Obour Rant

Shatta Wale yesterday took to his twitter page to criticize Musiga President, Obour in a series of tweets where he described him as incompetent and a disappointment to the youth.

SEE: Obour Is A Disappointment To The Youth – Shatta Wale

Some twitter users weren’t so impressed with Shatta’s actions  and proceeded to register their displeasure;

Twitter user @Titilicious  tweeted this at Shatta Wale…

…But Shatta Wale had a ‘champion’ reply for him

The fight still went on…

Shatta Wale tweeted this later…

…and @GSBimpong replied Shatta’s tweet above

Shatta’s reply to @GSBimpong‘s tweet

Someone had a problem with Wale’s english.. But he got served too

There again, another tweet from Shatta Wale

@LumenGh asked him a question

Shatta Wale’s reply to @LumenGh


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