We Found 7 Sure Banker Tips To Get Back At Your Ex



Remember that time when you were in your corner minding your own business enjoying life and being cool and breezy

And juuust when you thought it was all going great.


That demon came to make you fall in love. You were just there. You didn’t do anything to deserve this.

Now that the demon thinks it can just be walking about by heart enjoying life and being happy while you are miserable because you dier, you don’t like happiness. Are you going to let them get away with it?   


So here’s what we’re going to do…



1. Date their close friend…


Editor’s Note: You must only do this, if you’re sure beyond all possible sureties that your ex loved you. Or crazy yawa for you. He and his boys will play you like Pilolo.


2. Enter Their Twitter/Instagram and Follow Everyone Back

Because that is every popular social media person’s worst nightmare.


3. Or you could just change their password

I mean, is it childish? Yes, but it is satisfying. And that’s all that matters.


4. Oooh, Here’s A Good One. Find Someone Richer Or Better Looking

Hopefully, better looking and with more going for him than that person in the gif. But the idea’s pretty much the same. Men don’t like feeling…replaceable. The quicker you do it, the better too.


Whew…we are on a roll! 

This is what all the men reading this are looking like, right now. You done eff’d up.


5. Tell Them To Get Tested For An Incurable STI

Hahahahaha…There has to be, like, a law against this or something.


6. Lie To Everyone About Everything About The Relationship…Or Tell Unflattering Truths


He was a three minute man? Now why would we want to tell anyone that! It work better if he a one minute man.
He was faithful? Damn, it work better if he trash. Men are trash. He trash, girl, he trash.
His ting was a good 5 inches? Well he’s not paying for advertising, so his ting is a half incher.


7. And Even If It’s Not True…Let Him Believe You’re Much Happier Without Him


Because nothing will pain him more than knowing that you’re doing better without him. That’s how you know men are trash.


And if this is not enough, you can do your own research and let us know!




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