7 Things Guys Do When They Think Girls Are Looking

It will be ridiculous to assume that everything guys do is geared at attracting girls, or at least trying to. This is only the case 99% of the time, we have other things to do with our time.

In a bid to look cool/cute, guys have a whole different set of gestures when females are around, they are almost always hilarious, but hey, it doesn’t look like anybody is stopping anytime soon, because last time I checked, girls aren’t complaining, so hey, silence means consent.

Here are some of the faces guys make, hoping we get noticed by these girls. Boys abr3

The Classic LL Cool J lip-licking face


This is when you’re talking to your guys and randomly see a hottie across the room, then you have to channel your inner LL Cool J. Your boys might take it the wrong way if they don’t get what you’re trying to do, if they don’t, you have no business hanging out with any-damn-way


The Akata Walking


This is one of the most guaranteed ways to not get any girls at all. If you want to have a fruitful day of gnashing, walk with a swagger (No, its not what you think it means) any time you see a bevy of ladies.


Yeah, There Is No Name For This Face.


The person in the picture is enough to tell you all you need to know about this face.

The Selfie Face


Ever seen a guy randomly just switch his face like he’s about to take a selfie, but there’s no selfie being taken? Yup! He’s trying to look cute for someone in the room.


The Hearty Laugh


Forget the picture, his friend is not that funny, the joke he just told is not that funny either, this is just a thing guys do when they think girls are watching, I also don’t know why that is a thing, but yeah, the joke is not that funny. You’re really not missing out on any funny jokes.

The Confusing Face


This face is a cross between trying to look fine and trying to say “Hey, I can have on a fierce look and still be cute” It is always very confusing. It’s hard enough trying to look nice for the gyaldem,  now you’re sending mixed signals too? Wow bro

The Pose


This is just like the selfie face, except, more annoying, like, why are you sitting like this? Sorry to bust your bubble guys, but sitting like this, you might not necessarily attract your target market. Make of that what you may.


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