Accra Technical University AKWAABA 2016 In Pictures

To be sincere the Akwaaba week took too long to happen and people were already tired of the long wait but it came and it was a good show in general. From the Official Jama competition right through to the Miss Akwaaba event and the Live Fm Campus go pap concert on Friday, nobody seemed ready to sleep throughout the week.

The stars also came out bright on Wednesday with the campus premiere of PURPLE MOVIE on Wednesday as students enjoyed themselves but the biggest was the concert which had Yaa Pono, AMG Medikal, WisaGreid and the Yakubu Hitmaker, Kwaw Kesse passing through.img-20161121-wa0000 img-20161121-wa0001 img-20161121-wa0002 img-20161121-wa0003 img-20161121-wa0004 img-20161121-wa0005 img-20161121-wa0006 img-20161121-wa0007 img-20161121-wa0008 img-20161121-wa0009 img-20161121-wa0010 img-20161121-wa0011 img-20161121-wa0012


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