Edem Is Angry On Twitter And The Tweets Are Stunning

While it’s an undeniable fact that the music industry is not as rosy as it seems, there are a few musicians in the industry who have consistently spoken out about the injustices, and notable among them is Edem, the Nyedzilo rapper is known for pouring out his feelings through social media site, twitter, two weeks ago, he went at 4syte TV for not nominating his song Nyedzilo in more categories, today, he’s coming at what seems to be the whole industry.
The rant ranged from how artistes turned down features with Edem because he rapped in English, to how promoters abroad ask him to play shows for free because they are giving him exposure. Fellow rapper/Producer, Jayso, also joined in the rant and agreed with Edem on the points he raised.
Here are the tweets he posted.

…and along came Jayso


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