BBC To Broadcast News And Programmes In Pidgin

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced a new service that will broadcast news and programmes in pidgin. The announcement was made on Wednesday, November 16 by the BBC’s director general, Tony Hall.

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Tony Hall

 The BBC people say dem go start dey broadcast news den programmes for pidgin inside rydi. Them do the announcement yesti, Wednesday, November 16. This be the new vibe dema director general, Tony Hall, talk;

This is a historic day for the BBC, as we announce the biggest expansion of the World Service since the 1940s. The BBC World Service is a jewel in the crown – for the BBC and for Britain. As we move towards our centenary, my vision is of a confident, outward-looking BBC which brings the best of our independent, impartial journalism and world-class entertainment to half a billion people around the world. Today is a key step towards that aim”

This filla be good mmom
This filla be some cool vibe

Along with Pidgin, the BBC would now have 10 new services including Yoruba, Oromo, Igbo and broadcast to North Korea for the first time. This means the BBC now broadcasts in 40 languages.


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