6 Times Kwabena Yeboah Looked Like He Got Caught Cheating

That Kwabena Yeboah is a legend of Ghanaian Television is an undisputed fact. And if you don’t know why, you’re probably too young to have access to the internet. With that said, you probably never noticed…but why does he always look like he got caught cheating?

Don’t believe us? Look!!!


1. “Pastor, I don’t even understand why my wife thinks I would do something like this. Wasn’t it just last week that I told you that this trouser comes off by itself for no reason and you said I should pray on it?”



2. “Actnormalactnormalactlikewe’refriendsfromworkI’llexplainlater…Heeeyyy baby, meet Janet the air condition repairer from Church I told you”



3. “I really can’t understand how you reason sometimes. We just slept on the same bed when you traveled because she was scared of ghosts, but you always want to jump to conclusions. I just don’t understand you women”



4. “I don’t have to look into your eyes, I know I’m telling the truth”



5. “You see you didn’t find out anything? Didn’t I tell you we are just friends.”



6. “So this is what you’ve been doing when I’m not around…you’re having lunch with another man? So just because I cheated on you with three of your friends just yesterday, you’re doing this to pay me back? Ei women!”



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