17 Types of Roommates That Are Likely To Exist During Your Four Years In Uni

Four years is a long time to meet various “breeds” of human beings. Some people like to stick to the people that they met from their first year. Others (like me) like to change our roommates the minute they get on our first nerve (I cannot wait for them to get to the last nerve). If you are in level 100 then all the best because you are yet to meet all these kind of people. If you are in level 200,300 or 400 then am sure you have met quite a number or are yet to meet these type of roommates.

The Roommate Who Is So Clean

Image result for the roommate who is so clean


The Roommate Who Will Never Share Their Stuff With You

Image result for the roommate who will never share their stuff


The Roommate Who Never Leaves The Room

Image result for the roommate who never leaves the room


The Roommate Who Can Have Sex In The Room While You Are Around

Image result for the roommate who can have sex in the room while you are around

The Roommate Who Is Just Passive Aggressive

Image result for the roommate who is passively aggressive

The Roommate Who Is Never In The Room

Image result for empty room


The  Roommate Who Is Completely Messy

Image result for the roommate that is completely messy


The  Roommate That Loves Noise Making

Image result for loud noise



The Roommate Who Likes Sleeping With The Light ON

Image result for the roommate who likes sleeping with the lights on


The Roommate Who Loves Bringing Others To Sleep Over

Image result for sleepover room


The Roommate Who Likes To Be Alone

Image result for the roommate who likes to be alone


The Roommate Who Feels Intimidated

Image result for intimidated


The Roommate Who Is Anti-Social

Image result for anti-social


The Roommate Who Is Possessive

Image result for possessive of things


The Roommate Who Is Autocratic

Image result for autocratic friend


The Roommate Who Is Self-Centered

Image result for self-centered

The Roommate Who Is Amusing

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