What To Do When Your Girl’s No Doesn’t Always Mean No

It is a well known fact that indecision is one area where girls are very prominently represented, and guys keep losing valuable points because they have failed to notice that sometimes these “NOs” actually mean YES.


Oh I’m Not Really Hungry, Don’t Get Me Anything

What She Said: Oh I’m not really hungry, don’t get me anything

What She Meant: Oh I’m not really hungry, don’t get me anything, but get me something, because I’ll be hungry when yours comes.
When they told you that “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach” they didn’t add that it applies to women as well. Maybe even more. And so with that said, don’t listen to her when she says she doesn’t want food, get her that Papaye because she’s either going to pick from your plate, or call you names for not considering the fact that she might be hungry as soon as you started eating yours. It might take a little getting used to, but just try it.
Oh You Can Go Out With Whats-Her-Face, I Don’t Mind…Honestly

What You Said: Asaawa said she wants to go and see Dr. Strange, you don’t mind do you?

What She Said: Ah, but why will I mind?

What She Really Meant: It’s just funny how you said Whats-Her-Face was just your friend, but now you’re taking her on a date. Am I even your girlfriend? Nah, it’s cool. If she’s who you want, go and be with her. I wish you the very best.

When you ask for permission (yes, you ask for permission) to chill with a female friend, and she says yes, don’t go anywhere, unless you don’t mind explaining yourself on Whatsapp the entire time you’re out with that female friend. Your explaining should not be less than 3000 words long. Marks will also be awarded for orderly presentation of material
Oh I Don’t Want Anything For My Birthday…I Don’t Really Like Those Things

What You Said: So baby, what do you want us to do for your birthday?

What She Said: Nothing

What She Didn’t Say But You Should Have Heard: Nothing, except that you do everything within your power to make this the best day ever, and make it better than everything my friends’ boyfriends did for them as well, but mostly nothing. Except all the stuff I said. So, when you ask her what she wants you to do on her birthday and she says “nothing”, don’t be that guy that takes that seriously and doesn’t actually do anything, because you deserve anything that she decides to do after that.


Oh, if you’re busy, it’s fine. We can do it another time


What You Said: Baby, I’m sorry. I have to present the cure for HIV/AIDS and Cancer to the hospitals today, and bring peace to the Middle East, and end World Hunger. Can we reschedule that date?

What She Said: Yeah, sure…it’s fine.

LOL No, it’s not fine. If she ever tells you its okay to cancel a date with her because you have somewhere else to be, DON’T! Honour that appointment with her. Take her with you if you have to. Whatever you do, don’t cancel that appointment, even if it means you losing your job ( I wouldn’t tho) but yeah, your girl’s happiness over employment.


Always Remember
If your girl ever tells you it’s okay not to make her happy at any time, she’s lying.


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