Award Winning Make-Up Artist Lawrencia Owusu Tells 9 Things We’re Doing Wrong With Make Up

Make-up has risen in popularity over the past few years to become an art form of its own. You either have the talent…or you don’t have much of it. Nevertheless, there’s a couple of things you should know NOT to do before you leave the house.

  1. Using black pencil for eyebrow


Yeah no, you don’t want to be looking angry even when you’re smiling. It’s always a bad idea to use black pencil for the eyebrows. Black pencil leaves a harsh effect on the face. Try the dark brown ones, and thank us later.


When the eye brow starts and ends close to the ear

Image result for eye brow starts and ends close to the ear

Unless you want to be out in town looking like a caricature of yourself…or like Julijuu from Osofo Dadzie’s Cantata, pay some attention to the dimensions of your face when you’re drawing your eyebrows.

Find the arch of your brows – Angle the brush from the edge of your nose angling it upwards lining with the outer part of the pupil. Your brows should end from the end of your nose line, towards the outer corner of your eye.


Leaving too much concealers around the eyebrow

Image result for too much concealers around the eyebrow

Nah baby girl, just don’t! The whole idea is to make the brow look like you were born with it. it’s not pleasant to have too much unblended concealer around the eyebrow, it creates a different colour on the face, especially when your concealer is much much  lighter than your skin tone. Your concealer should be at least one (or maximum two shades) lighter than your skin.


Wrong foundation fluid

Image result for Wrong foundation fluid

I shouldn’t even have to say this. Can we all come to an agreement to pick a foundation colour that matches the colour of our skin? Can we not go out looking like two versions of Michael Jackson? Here’s a tip: Always try on your foundation before you buy it, unless you already know your shade. Try it out on your neck, don’t try it out on your wrist.


Over contouring


Your contour shouldn’t be too obvious. Blend it out with your highlight so that they look even. You don’t have to be looking like you just dabbed some charcoal on your face.


Lining the lips with black pencil 

Image result for Lining the lips with black pencil

I get that some of us want to be daring with our fashion ideas. I get that. It’s just…sometimes they fall flat. We aren’t all Rihanna. You can’t just do whatever you like. Can you be courteous to those looking at you? Honey, not everyone can achieve that 90s black lip-liner took. What you need to be doing is learning to blend that lip liner out. Or just use a dark brown pencils to achieve a neutral look and then we’re all good to go. Out here looking like a Crayola experiment. Girrrrl, if you don’t….!


Crusty eyelashes that are so artificial

Image result for Crusty artificial eyelashes

Do not buy eye lashes that feel so crusty or look so artificial. Find a texture that feels natural and soft or buy lashes that will fit your face.


Extremely dark blush

Image result for too much concealers around the eyebrow

Blushes are meant to make your cheek bone visible so they shouldn’t be too loud otherwise the makeup on your face begins to look like you got in a fight and got beat.


Buying unnecessary products

Image result for wasting money

This goes back to purchasing the right product for your skin type. Buying products that don’t match with your skin might cause allergies.


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