Most Popular Students In Accra Technical University

It is very normal to have popular people around campus and usually it’s not really for a particular reason. Some are noise makers and others are just degree holders in foolery. But these guys are here for various reasons.

Name: Eunice Obaayaa Jewel (obaayaajewel)


Level 300

Purchasing and Supply

Claim to Fame: Queen of the bold colors and patterns and the only afro hair on the basketball court. You can’t miss her in any crowd because she also stands Tall.


Name: Asare Kofi Emmanuel


Level 300

Fashion and Textiles Design

Claim to Fame: Fashion Designer and Party Freak


Name: Arhin Emmanuel (bisa1)


Level 300

Purchasing and Supply

Claim to Fame: Student Politician


Name: Emmanuel Larbie (xclusive_endless)


Level 300

Mechanical Engineering

Claim to Fame: Dancer


Name: Cwesi Oteng Desmond (cwesioteng1)


Level 300

Civil Engineering

Claim to Fame: Lost an election which seemed like he had under lock and key. There even was a funeral held in his honor.


Name: Wynta Nii Hill (niiwynta)


Level 300

Science Laboratory Technician Student

Claim to Fame: CEO of Ouch entertainment, the biggest crew on campus


Name: Sayibu Habab Sherif (dj_triga_tm)


Level 200


Claim to fame: He is the most popular DJ on campus at the moment and he’s super funny


Name: Tetteh Christian (chrisonaapo)


Level 200

Purchasing and Supply

Claim to fame: He’s the jama leader and the loudest on campus. He knows everyone and he’s loved by all


Name: Kinful Joseph (j.kinful)


Level 200

Science and Laboratory Technician Student

Claim to Fame: Dancer


Name: Angela Hayford (giegiehayford)


Level 200

Secretaryship and Management Studies

Claim to fame: She’s known for the way she laughs. Admired and loved by all. She’s super pretty too



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