US Ambassador To Ghana: Trump Will Deport All Ghanaians Who Have Overstayed Their Visas

The US Ambassador to Ghana Robert P Jackson has stated that Ghanaians who have overstayed their visas must be concerned because the new Trump administration will be rigid in deporting illegal Ghanaians. Mr Jackson told Class FM Wednesday after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

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“One thing that I do think that Ghanaians need to be aware of is, I think the president-elect, as I mentioned, is likely to be more rigid about illegal immigration. We have a lot of Ghanaians who have overstayed their visas in the U.S. and I think that they need to be concerned about whether they would be allowed to remain illegally. He added, “My guess is they will be given some options but the president will be serious about asking those who’ve violated their visa status to depart.” 

Ambassador Jackson went on to talk about how Ghana’s economy is growing and how Trump’s administration will treat African countries differently.


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