The EC Has Pointed Out 100+ More Errors In Nduom’s Forms And People On Twitter Are Furious

On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered the Electoral Commission to grant the Progressive People’s Party, and the other disqualified parties, a hearing, and a chance to rectify the errors on their nomination forms, by close of day on Tuesday.

After correcting the initial errors identified by the EC, the  PPP  has been informed that they have over a hundred more errors to correct. What this means essentially is that Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, and the rest of the disqualified candidates, will not be eligible to stand for this year’s elections if they do not correct all the errors within a 30 hour window.

Public condemnation of the action has been swift and severe, with Mrs. Charlotte Osei bearing the brunt of it. In an alternative development, however, a spokesperson from the Electoral Commission has suggested that most of the errors in the PPP’s forms may not lead to disqualification, even though they have recommended their correction.

Here’s what people are saying on Twitter

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