Beard Gang Gh Tells Us How To Grow A Healthy Beard

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Beard growing has been a way of life since creation. Its no surprise that it has been passed  down through the  generations. The growing of beard, in some circles, is believed to be spiritual and shows a level of power, status and authority.

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Lately it has become very common to see guys trying to keep a beard. Some have even gone to the extent of growing their beards for a charitable cause.

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BeardGang GH is one of such groups with the tagline “#beardwithapurpose. They do not just grow their beards and keep them for the fun of it but they want to take it a step further and want to be associated with some amount of positivity whenever their beards (which is their brand) are seen around town. The BeardGang Crew have been generous enough to share a few tips as to how to keep and grow a healthy beard.


  • Allow the beard to grow to  about 1.5 inches before you trim or style


  • Wash the beard regularly with water preferably warm water


  • Apply beard conditioner and shampoo to make beard look bright and neat


  • Apply aftershave and oil to keep hair growing





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