How To Handle Liquor


It’s a Friday night, the weekend is here, and you want to get faded without losing your cool and acting funny around your squad or strangers. I’ve got you.

One Drink Every One Hour



Wherever you are you’ll be there for a couple of hours especially if it’s an all-nighter, you need to drink calmly and not rush it. Finishing your drink very early just gets more drinks thrown your way and we all know what happens when that happens. No one likes someone who’s already gone after 30 minutes at location. That’s weak.

Know Yourself


You have to know the message your body is sending you after every drink you take, some drinks take over slowly, other’s immediately so you have to let it all settle and see how you’re feeling before getting another.


Never Gulp Always Sip


“Oh Kool-Aid,” no please it’s not your 3rd birthday party in KG, there’s probably a hidden kick under the cup and don’t be gulping everything because you’re thirsty. Sip it patiently like the drink is this boy/girl you are vibing, relax and get to know its secrets.

Always Eat


Before you handle a cup or two you have to eat proper food. Not eating lowers your tolerance and you’ll be puking on your 3rd or 5th bottle without warning. If you didn’t get to, eat whilst drinking. It’s not a substitute but it’s definitely going help you maintain your tolerance.


Never Drink Water


If you do get super faded whilst everybody is just alright and it’s getting worse, don’t reach for the bottle of water, wait it out. If you do touch water, sip twice and put it down. Gulp all the water and you might as well put your arms around the shoulders of two people to carry you home.


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