Brommon At Ashesi

From selling “yeess ice!!!” and fried yam on the streets of Mampong, Asante, to jetting off to London, UK where bright-eyed, he dropped out of College after a year of pursuing a degree in computer science. He is none other than Kweku Boateng Akuoko; owner and CEO of Brommon Bespoke Menswear, a clothing line made in the fashion-historic streets of Italy, for the African man with fashion-forward yet classic taste.


He paid a visit to the lovely campus of Ashesi University to share his inspirational story and the journey of his fleek brand and that of the clothing line to the Ashesi community.  What striked me was why he came up with the name “BROMMON” and this is what he said; “bro” for brothers, “m” for making, and “mon” for money. And hmmm….a customized tailored suit from Brommon’s sewing machine costs at least $1,400 . He is a man who does not hesitate to speak his mind and brag about his exquisite money making clothing line.


Before the end of the session, he decided to give away a credit card worth $200 to the person who answered the questions he asked concerning what he talked about during the session but unfortunately it seemed Ashesi students are that smart. So, there was a second suggestion to make it a raffle instead, with names of the participants on a folded piece of paper and Mr. Brommon had to pick an anonymous paper from a bag. That lucky person was one of Kuulpeeps babes, Georgette (sister please it is a lot of money eeerrh I am also family wai)

For those going for UBORA this year do not hesitate to grab your classic Brommon Bespoke suit before the 2nd of December.



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