Two Unbelievable Beauty Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Make up is the new black. The new winds are blowing everywhere and if you’ve not felt it I’m sure you’re living under a rock. With its prevalence, you may have read all the hacks in the world but I assure you, this is something you have never seen or heard or read. I told you first! You can thank me later. Here is the magic you can do with your face with 2 basic products: Powder and Coconut Oil.



 Everyone has this in their homes, hostel rooms, lockers, even in a hole is EVERYWHERE !

Here are 2 hacks :

1. If you don’t have all the “Ben Nye” powders and all the family of weird names for baking the face. Don’t even fret ..talc powder got you! After applying and blending in all the foundations, concealer and the ‘koo-mininis’  ..apply a SMALL amount of powder to the cheekbones, forehead and chin. Wait for it to set for about 30mins and then brush the powder over the face. Voilà!


2. If you love longer fuller eye lashes, but cannot afford the Maybelline’s and the Revlon’s. Don’t  give up just yet, dab a little bit of powder on them before using your ‘auntie atta’ mascara. And you will be surprised.



The importance of coconut can never be overemphasized. It’s is like the god of oils! It does EVERYTHING ! It can even bring your first love back! (ayam lying please) Hw3!

1. Removing make up from your face is one hell of a task. Even more annoying when you just bought a pack of wipes and before you could say Jack Robinson they all vanished. In these times you wish you could just sleep with it right ? But hold up! Get hold of coconut oil and some cotton and in 2 seconds you will be ready for bed.

2. Use coconut oil as your moisturizer so in cleaning off makeup you’re moisturizing your face. 2 in 1 hack!

3. Soft lips ? Coconut oil my breathen!  Apply a thin layer of coconut oil twice daily and see if boo wouldn’t want extra long kisses.

I told you it can do anything now !  Don’t be chisel! Preach the good news! Hallelujah ! Amen!

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