9 Types Of Friends You’re Bound To Meet In The University

At university, you meet and become friends with many different kinds of people. Everyone has different groups of people they hang around with, but in every group some types of people are constant. The cosmopolitan nature of all universities means that you will most probably meet these 9 people in university.


The Couples


They are adorable. You will meet them everywhere together; from the study room, provision store, food joint etc matching their walking pace together. They spend all their time with each other and can’t seem to fathom the thought of being apart from each other.



The Nerds 


Most of them are unattractive but brilliant people. They are boringly attached to their books and not much else. They mostly do not focus on social pursuit. They are introverts and would take a night in bed reading or in the library studying over going out to party.



The “Chrife”


These are those that portray themselves as holy. These people will always bring God in everything. This is how you’d spot the quintessential chrife; they are always in long skirts and dresses and will always come either on Sundays or in the middle of the week to knock on your door and invite you to church.



The Snitches


This person simply can’t keep his mouth shut about your activities. They like to sit back and listen to you open up to them about your deepest secrets and then go and tell your stories to other curious ears. They are the reason your secrets never stay secret.



The Party-goers


They say if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Well, life gave these people Vodka, so they went partying. The only reason these guys will ever miss a party is because they didn’t hear of it. They go out twice a week at worst and are usually blissfully unaware of lecture, test and examination schedules.



Those Who Don’t Go For Lectures But Get Good Grades


These people, quite unlike the party-goers understand their course expectations. They make it their responsibility to  really dedicate themselves to their books and never miss a deadline for an assignment. They study early and often and it’s usually no surprise to anyone when these guys graduate with First Class honors.



The Clueless Guys


This type of friend will never miss a lecture but when you ask what went on, their constant answer  is “Nothing really went on, the lecturer was just talking plenty”. This person doesn’t pay attention in class and doesnt understand anything that goes on. They just go for lectures for going sake.



Those Who Come To Impress


These people came to university purposely to fight to be popular. These people almost always look flashy and overdressed for every lecture, everyone knows that they moved heaven and earth to afford their flashy clothes and accessories. No one knows who they are trying to impress and you can expect them to appear at a tutorial with a small,tight dress, heels and excessive make up.



The Rich, Low-Key Guys


Even though these people are some of the richest people you know, you won’t be able to tell by just looking at them. To the untrained eye, they are just average guys. These people are unassuming, down-to-earth people who wouldn’t mind wearing hoodies and flip flops to lectures just to keep their profile low-key.


So, which type of friend are you?

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