Meet Eric Mensah Abonah, The Overall Best Graduating Student From UCC

Eric Mensah Abonah was awarded the overall best graduating student from the University of Cape Coast last Friday with a CGPA of 3.92 in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Kuulpeeps had a little chat with him and he shared some few stuff about himself and life in UCC.


What Senior High School did you attend?
Eric Mensah Abonah: St Johns Senior High School.


How did you end up in UCC?

EMA: Actually I wanted to attend UDS to offer Medicine or UMAT to offer Engineering. I initially applied to UDS but after I didn’t gain admission, I applied to UCC, UMAT, UDS and Accra Polytechnic. The UCC admissions came out first and since I had stayed home for some time I was anxious to go to school so i went to UCC. All my other admissions came and UMAT kept calling my dad but I felt it was the right time for UCC.


So how was life on campus from the start?
EMA: My cousin was here already (2nd year) so I kind of knew what I was in for. I mostly went to him for advise concerning my lectures, courses, quizzes and past questions.


What helped you to excel in school?

EMA: The main motivation came from my family. The deal with them was to get a first class. My senior brother was always advising me. He told me to get a good GPA from the start and defend it to the end. Also, my roommate motivated me to learn because he was always learning and it was very competitive between us. My fellowship with Deeper life on campus also played an integral role in my success.


How was your social life?

EMA: I had a lot of friends I had fun with but didn’t have a girlfriend. Even though I enjoyed that life in the Senior High School, I came here with a target so I made sure I didn’t let any destruction come my way. I’ll either get the girl pissed off so she moves away or I’ll stay away myself because for me women are always a form of distruction.


For how long do you learn?

EMA: I can’t stay a day without learning. I study for about 2 hours 30 minutes maximum in a session and I mostly study in the morning around 5:30 am. I put in extra effort about two weeks to exam so during exam period I don’t normally stress myself.


What did you do for fun?
Eric: I like watching TV Shows. My favourite is Game of Thrones. I also like Gotham and DaVinci’s Demons. It’s like the after party for my studies.


How many awards did you win at your graduation?

EMA: I won the overall best graduating students this year (Ghc 1000), Best Student in the School of Biological Science ($500) and Best Student in the Department of Molecular Biology (Ghc 500).


What will you be using the money from the awards for?

EMA: I’m going to give part of the money to my dad because I told him I owe him so I’ll make sure I get the award and give him his share. So I’ll give him part and invest the rest.


What will you do after your service?

EMA: I’m working on some scholarship and God willing I know it will work.


What will you like to be in future?

EMA: I want to be a lecturer that’s the more reason I’m a teaching assistant now.


Any advise for students?

EMA: I’ll advise all students to form study groups and always aim for a grade A. Every dream has got a price to pay and that’s what I did.


He continued to advise students to always set their goals and work hard towards attaining them.


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