Why Living At Home Is Better Than Staying On Campus

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. Most students think university life is all about living on campus, but we are here to dispute that fact. Coming to lectures from home is the best, provided you live in the same city or town close to your university. You can meet all the people you want if you stay on campus or use all the school resources on campus but I bet you’ll surely run home after you have spent your last pesewa. Among that, here are some other reasons why living off campus is always the best choice to make.




We can all agree that without food, we won’t be able to concentrate entirely on what we are doing. You can prepare something on your own while you’re on campus, but it won’t taste just as mom’s. Why will you stress yourself to be cooking while you could be studying. Just stay with mom at home and you’re covered!


No noise 


Your room at home is literally one of the most cool and quiet places on earth. The point here is that, at home,  those ‘Moral Boys’ or that noisy hostel mate won’t get the chance to disturb your peace of mind with all that noise on campus, just relax in the comfort of your home.



A woman holds 03 July 2007 in Accra a wad new currency, the new cedi, that Ghana put in circulation that day, although the old money will still be valid until the end of the year. Currently, the cedi is one of the least valued currencies in Africa: 9000 cedis equal one US dollar. Ernest Addison, head of research at the Bank of Ghana, assured in November 2006 that the changeover was not a revaluation nor devaluation, and will not affect foreign exchange. AFP PHOTO / ISSOUF SANOGO (Photo credit should read ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images)

I won’t dispute the fact that we all get broke sometimes, but you can bare with me that it’s not as worse as when we are away from home. The best thing about staying home is that your parents get to give you money every morning before you leave for campus, that way we always have something small on us.


No bills 


Most of the hostels on campus demand that residents of the hostel pay their own bills; especially light bills. Imagine you reside in one of these hostels and your lights go off just at the time you are so broke. It means until your roommates buy extra prepaid units you’ll be left in darkness.


No annoying roomies 


To me this is the best reason there is. No annoying roommates to make life a living hell for you. You can have all the time to be alone and you won’t go through any long process to tell your roommates to excuse you when that special someone comes over. To avoid all sort of roommate problems what so ever just come to lectures from the house. Simple!



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