Tips: A Freshman’s Guide To Hall Week Concerts

You are in Uni now and every now or then you might hear that a certain hall or hostel on campus is having their hall week artist night and you might want to pass by. Since you are new and might not know how a hall week is like, keep these tips in mind.

Make sure you have fun


Enjoy the place. There will be a lot going on at the hall week other than then just watching the artistes perform. There will be a lot of tents around with sellers displaying different kinds of products, feel free and explore. Perhaps, you might find something that you might like.

Go with your friends and..


Someone once said, ‘For where two or three friends are gathered at a hall week, it will surely pap for them’. Well!!… i don’t remember  who said that but i’m sure you might agree with the person. Just make sure to go with some pals, ‘the fewer the merrier’ law doesn’t apply here.

…Don’t leave without informing the friends you came with

That's the number, text him that we are about to leave.
That’s the number, text him that we are about to leave.

You can leave your friends and go and have fun but just make sure you make them aware when you decide to leave. Its safer to go back together especially if you came on foot.

If you’ll drive to the hall where the show is been held, park your car at a safe location and walk to the place 


Since you’ll not be the only one coming for the show the place will be choked so it’s better for you to park at a safer side and walk to the place. Maybe you want to ‘rosh’ small by playing loud music to impress those around but keep  in mind that after the show there might be traffic and a silly drunk driver might even scratch your car.

Try your best to make new friends

I just met this guy and he is soo hilarious

Make your move and chat with as many people as possible in the dark, make sure to take their numbers too. Try your best to increase your personal connections, this will surely help you in the future.

Keep your phone and wallet very safe


A lot of people will be around and of course, the thieves will be a very active too. Don’t lose guard please. Keep your valuables safe.

Your dressing should be okay


The fact that it’s a hall week doesn’t mean you should dress any how to the place. Who knows, you might come across your crush.


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