8 Signs That Show Your Campus Buddy Is Probably That Bestie You Never Had

You probably have a lot of friends on campus you go along with so well that it becomes very difficult for you to find that someone whom you can call ‘my bestie’. Sometimes, most of these friends just come and go but here are a few tips to help you find your bestie.

They are the first to know anything about you

You are the first to know about this tho

The moment anything bad or good happens to you, they are the first people you talk to. It’s like everything about you revolves around them. I’m even sure you’ll even like to call them and tell them about that fine girl or boy you just saw.


You just love teasing them 

Use your expensive cardigan to wipe my sweat

Your bestie could be that person that even when something bad happens and they are hospitalized, you pay them a visit and be like, “So you didn’t die?”


You completely trust them

You really slayed that instagram picture

You take every advice they give especially when you want to post a picture on instagram, you show it to them first so they approve of it whether you slayed it before you post.


You’ve saved their contact with a weird name on your phone


You normally save their contact on your phone with silly names like fool, swine, or edible catering. You can literally just text them to insult them for no reason and just hang up.


You always listen to everything they say. This sometimes causes trouble between you and your relatives.

But my bestie said it's not right?
But my bestie said it’s not right?

You’re always talking about them at home to your family even if they don’t know them. Sometimes it gets annoying because you listen to them even more than your relatives.

You get jealous sometimes when they start getting very close to a different person

So who was that dude?
So who was that dude?

As soon as they start hanging out with a different person other than you or when they start talking about someone else, you get territorial.


You sometimes fight a lot


You sometimes fight a lot and yell at each other but you eventually have a funny way of coming back together


You talk every single day

I'm bored...let's go and chat on twitter too
I’m bored…let’s go and fight on twitter

You two can’t go the entire day without speaking to each other. You guys could be in the same room but will still be tweeting at each other talking about silly stuff.


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