University of Ghana SRC PRO Resigns From Office Over Disagreement With Other Executives

The Public Relations Officer for the Student Representative Council of the University of Ghana, Mr. Derrick Ayirebi-Acquah, has resigned from his position today, September 19 2016.


According to a letter signed by Mr. Ayirebi-Aquah a copy of which we have at, Mr. Ayirebi’s decision to step down from his position at the SRC is due to what he describes as a dent on his integrity.

Grapevine information on campus suggests that Mr. Ayirebi since his assumption of office under the Esinam-led administration has had differences of opinion with Executives in the administration.

The height of these differences was his alleged dispute he had with the treasurer of the SRC, Mr. Prince Ampofo, over the over inflated budget for accommodation of the SRC President and other Executives for the first semester of the 2016/2017 academic year.

The University of Ghana SRC in its proposed budget for the semester has budgeted for twelve thousand Ghana cedis to be used for accommodation for SRC executives, something that most students on campus have complained about bitterly.

Mr. Ayirebi-Acquah was the Head of Publication and Information committee and Public Relations Officer for the University of Ghana SRC.



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