13 Woes Of A University Fresher

Ooo yes… the WASSCE results came and you got admitted into the university but you’re kind of nervous and feeling happy at the same time. Relax…its normal, its just Uni. Here are some 13 instances you can relate too as a university fresher.

o1. Omg!! It’s time for Uni already


2. You’re sad because you’ll miss home but your parents are very happy since you passed and got admitted to the uni



3. hmmm….I have heard a lot about Uni but how is it really going to be like?




4. You get to Uni on the first day,



5. Then you carry all your stuff to the hostel you got. Then …image


6. ….You find out your roommates are all level 400’s

How do I eat when I see all these grown faces?


7. Or you get lucky and get level 100 roommates who are even confused than yourself.

Lord why?
Lord why?


 8. You start missing home ‘cho’ anytime you get hungry 


9. Then you start getting used to campus life after seeing your old mates and making new friends



10. First time at a lecture and the course outline doesn’t look friendly at all


11. 5th week in the University, I’m tired of lectures already



12. You start missing lectures and the lecturer starts checking for attendance. He later…

So I can't skip lectures in peace ?
So I can’t skip lectures in peace ?


13. …gives a group work, then you suddenly realize your group members are lazy. Which means…



14. …you will end up doing all the work yourself

Allow me to die
Mum!! I want to stop Uni


Welcome to level100.


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