6 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Hostel Rooms

Most of the time, the rooms we are allocated to on campus do not meet our specifications. However, since there is no choice but to occupy them, we can change how the rooms look to suit ourselves.

Want to change your hostel room to a place you want to come home to? Follow these steps


a brush with paint and brushstrokes of different colors in a white background

The first way to change the look of your room is by painting it. Most of the times, the walls of the room we pay for is very dirty. If we want to give our room a fresh look, we have to paint the rooms again. Sometimes we are not allowed to change the colour of the paint but that shouldn’t stop us from painting the walls with the same colour of paint.




Your room might not be so spacious but try and get a piece of furniture in your room. It could be just a simple small table or a couch.




A touch of colour always makes a difference. We can lay colourful rags or carpet on the floor. We could also hung some colourful fabric on our furniture or lay our beds with very nice bedsheets.




I guess most of us have this in mind and some of us might have already done this. Photos are a very nice and smart way of sending message. You can hung a couple of drawings or real time photos in your room if you want your room to look different. It could be a painting or a big photo of you or your family.


Lightening Options 


Your room must always have a good lightening system. You can turn the lights off anytime you feel like you don’t need it. Sometimes you can cover your bulb with a coloured disposable plastic cup to give it a deem coloured look. You can also buy a bed lamp.




You can occupy your room with a couple of gadgets that will keep your visitors company. Stuff like a basketball net or darts hanging in your room will be cool. You can hung your darts or basketball net anywhere in your room or just behind your door.


Trash Cans 


Let’s finish this with trash bins. A dirty room can never look nice. You have to make sure you put everything in place and dump all the things you don’t need. Put a trash can in any corner of your room and make sure you empty it anytime it’s full.


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