10 Types of Lecturers You’ll Meet at Every University

In every university you’ll find different kinds of lecturers. Among these lecturers, some will be funny, boring or very difficult to deal with but just pray you the get the right one to help you pass your course. Here are 8 types of lecturers you’ll meet in every university.

The lecturer who never comes to class


If you see them in the class then I’m sure God begged them to come. They are mostly busy or travelling somewhere so they make the teaching assistant conduct the lectures for them. You’ll mostly see them only during exam periods.


The Lecturer who never misses a lecture


Hmmm… ‘this lecturers they worry’. They will never miss a single lecture whether it’s raining or there is a storm. Even if the day for the lecture is a holiday, they will still make sure the lecture comes on or reschedule it for another day.


The lecturer who is always talking about the experiences they had on campus

When I was in uni my male lecturer was a man
When I was in uni my male lecturer was a man

Oo yea… they always want you to know they attended the campus some. The stories they share sometimes are hard to believe but who are you to say he is lying?


The one who is soo particular about their titles

Address me only as Honorable/Doctor /Professor only
Address me only as Honorable/Doctor /Professor only

Please never address them without their titles else they will get bored. Some might even walk out from a class if you call them sir or madam instead of Professor.


They ones who are trying to move to the girls in the class

Won't you girls visit me
Won’t you girls visit me


Always moving to the girls in the class. Some even make funny jokes by saying they should feel free and visit. Hello!! We know it is not a joke.


The strict lecturer


They are the principled ones, just pray you don’t have an encounter with one of them. If you are late for their class just stay wherever you are, don’t even dare enter the lecture hall.


The wicked lecturer


These kind of lecturers are soo mean Charlie! !… They are the type that will let you re-sit a paper even if you need just 1 mark to escape re-sit.


The lecturer who tries soo hard to be young and current

I can whip and nae nae too
I can whip and nae nae too

They try their best to keep up with the fashion trends and normally discuss current stuff about the latest sextape, hippop songs and what is trending among the students. They are the ‘wossop’ ones tho.


The lecturer who wants you to buy their own published books

Buy my books or I will fail you.  
Buy my books or I will fail you.

They have published their own books and they expect you to buy them. After buying the book, they will let you write your name and sign against it. Don’t buy the book if you think you’re a man.


The lecturer who always checks for attendance

The class is always full
The class is always full

They’re very particular about the number of students who attended the lecture and will check for attendance if they see that the class is empty.



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