5 Common Roommate Problems Most Uni Students Have Experienced


Your roommate can make your stay in school either miserable or memorable. If you are lucky and you don’t have any problems with your roommate then that’s cool but if not, you might be in a rush for the semester to end already so that you can get rid of them.

1. The Dirty Roommate.

These are the most annoying type of roommates. They leave the room very messy, they don’t lay their beds, they don’t fold their clothes and they don’t even sweep the room. Immediately after cleaning up the room, they come and mess it up again.

“i had a roommate who never flashed the water closet after using it, i don’t know if she was expecting her mother to come from the house to flash it for her.” – Naa, UPSA.


2.  The Roommate That Takes Your Personal Belongings Without Asking. 

These individuals tend to think they are in good terms and as such can use stuff that belongs to roomies at their own will. They obviously  take the roommate relationship to a whole new level (Argh! Even siblings have limits). They take everything, from shoes to ingredients and they won’t even ask for it.

” I have this roomie who always takes drinks I keep in the fridge, I find this very annoying because I have reasons for keeping the drink and not finding it when i need it is very frustrating!” – Kwaku, Legon.


3.  The Roommate That Has A Lot Of Friends And Brings All Of Them To The Room.

Some people have a lot friends, i can’t judge you for that but why do you have to bring all of them to the room when you know there isn’t enough space to harbor all of them and since their beds are not big enough to contain all of them, your bed becomes the back up. They won’t even give you back your bed when you come back into the room for your beauty sleep.

“I don’t tolerate such things, i don’t joke with my bed so anytime i meet any of my roomie’s friends on my bed i sack them and they know me for this.” – Joojo, UCC.


4. The Roommate Whose Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Always In The Room.

The “married people” who can’t stay without each other. Because of them you have to dress in the washroom or another room. If they want to spend all of their days together, they should get an apartment or one-in-a-room.

“My roommate’s girlfriend was in her period and she sat on my bed. She soiled it and when she realized it she rushed to the bathroom. I got up and left the room.” – Nii, KNUST.


5. The Roommate Who Never Stays In The Room.

These people barely stay in their rooms, when you see them in the room they are coming to grab a few belongings. They value the life outside the room more than any other place. These people are usually out of the roomie drama because their absence could not cause any problem.

“I didn’t see my roommate continuously for 3 weeks, she either came when i was asleep or at lectures. It was strange to me in the first week, but after calling her a few times and i realized she was fine, i got used to it.” – Akua, GTUC.



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