13 Back To School Pictures Everybody Can Relate To

Yes!!…Vacation is over and we are back to school already. Yay!!.. More chilling. You’ll be sad too since lectures and exams will certainly come your way…Stress!! Let’s forget about lectures for now and enjoy these back to school moments that you can relate to.

Freedom! Freedom… No more worries from our parents, you can go out and come back to your hostel anytime you want



The first week on campus will certainly be boring


When you going to school and your parents give you enough pocket money. After…


It’s sweet

… You can buy new sneakers and clothes or buy all the food you want to impress your friends


School is back, I can go for all the parties again. After all, “All work and no play, makes ….” ( please add the rest )


We are back to school, free wifi, no bundle ‘wahala’. Let the downloads flow.



Enough of the I miss you texts, you can finally see bae again so you… (Never Mind)



The hunger games is real tho, this will force you to eat the same kind of food almost every day


Back to school, let the FIFA games begin, just score people and brag, “oo he shaa, ah score am saa”

Unima Social Weekend @Complex

Charlie!.. Let’s not forget about lectures tho



Sometimes, sleep will certainly prevent you from going for lectures, especially the morning ones.


I’m tired… Not going today


You’ll  certainly meet the whole squad again in school


Back to school, you can go and sleep over at a friends place. Your parents aren’t around  to stop you from doing that.



We at Kuulpeeps welcome you’ll back to school.

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