People Tell Us Why Dating On Campus Is Better Than You Thought

Dating or single life? Sometimes the question hits home so hard that it gets you thinking, “am i better off single or nah?”. Well, dating has it’s own benefits that could get you preferring not to go solo for all the eight semesters. Let’s see how true this is. We asked a few people what they think and this is what they had to say;


” It’s really cool. There’s all that love and attention you get shown. You have someone special you could laugh and have all those arguments with plus you get offered three square meals (sometimes cooked with love) each day. Really beats being single to a whole extent”

– Lawrencia


“It was a mixed experience. But i enjoyed dating on campus especially because i always had something to eat from her side and i always had to follow her to the library. So when it came to food and books, i was secured”.

–  Joojo



“I’m not sure that this is the same for everyone and it may vary from person to person but in my experience, my boyfriend was a bookworm and so he gave me a lot of study motivation, especially on the days when I couldn’t generate the resolve to study. We studied the same courses and he was a year ahead of me, so that was a great bonus when I had assignments and exams to study for.”

– Maame Esi


“Because of our proximity to each other ‘weather for two’ wasn’t just an expression anymore.”

– Nii Addotey


” I always get a thrill when my boyfriend sticks up for me (maybe because i never had a brother). That feeling of being protected is great especially for when those random boys come on too strong and have to back off because boo is around.”



“I get pretty crazy sometimes and no one gets me back in line like my boyfriend.”




From the horses’ own mouth. Agree or disagree? Comments could help.


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