Video: Boy Lashes Goat With Belt After Goat Ate His Jollof Rice

A web designer called Paschal, who owns the Twitter handle, @Broom__Stick, was on his way to see a friend and he happened to come across a boy beating the soul out of this poor goat.

Watch Video:

We contacted Paschal, who told us he was going to see someone in one of the remote parts of Ilorin, Kwara State in Nigeria and happened to come across the incident so he recorded it.
According to him, the boy in the video was beating the goat because it ate his plate of jollof. The man placed the plate of jollof on a chair outside then left to get water near by. On his return, he come to meet the goat happily enjoying his Nigerian jollof. This triggered him to remove his belt to lash the goat.


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