Welcome Freshers, Don’t Let These Problems Eat You Up

While every freshman might have his or her own particular set of personal problems, there are also problems and upsets that face all freshmen and indeed, all university students. Here are some ways to deal with some of these problems.


Roommate Issues


Every university student will have to deal with roommate issues sooner or later. Whether it is your roomie using your stuff without permission, or coming in noisily at 4 a.m. and waking you up from a sound sleep or having their study group over every single night, you’ll have to confront them, nicely of course, and let them know it’s a problem. Even though it will feel awkward, start the conversation, which is the best way to deal with a minor mess before it reaches uncomfortable levels.


Time Management


Time management is the sticky wicket that will follow you around and create havoc in your life until you come to terms with it. This is one of the most difficult problems you will face on campus. You have to decide on how to manage your time, balancing between classes, study time, social time and work if you have a part time job. The temptation to go out with friends for a drink and ignore the 100 pages you have to read for tomorrow’s class will be great. Naturally, you’ll give in sometimes. The best way to manage your time is to prepare a timetable for you daily activities and make sure you stick to it.


Staying Healthy


Staying healthy requires you to set ground rules for yourself. One of the biggest changes of coming to the university is that your parents are no longer around to set parameters for you. If you want to stay up all hours, skip classes, get drunk and have random sex, no one will stop you. If you choose to eat fatty fried foods and no vegetables or fruits, it’s allowed. If you don’t exercise, that’s OK with everyone around you. The big problem with this behavior is it will lead to bad health and bad habits and affect your academic standing as well. Sleeping in and missing one class isn’t a problem. Missing lots of classes is. You have to try hard to make good use of your weekdays so that you can party hard on the weekend. Try as much as you can to sleep on time and exercise once in a while.



Jersey City, New Jersey, USA --- Mixed race man with a headache --- Image by © JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

There’s all kinds of stress on campus. Academic stress of worrying about grades and GPA, the financial stress of worrying about how your pocket is dry and the day to day stress of making decisions for yourself in all aspects of your life. As we all know now, stress can have adverse effects on health in many subtle ways. Having to learn to deal with stress is just another thing students have to learn in today’s university. Exercise, meditation, prayer and talking it out with friends can all help. Get active, play sports or simply take long walks when stress gets to be too much. Fortunately for this problem, as for many of the other common problems freshmen face, universities have a wealth of resources for students to lean on in times of trouble.


Never Enough Money


Unless you’re one of the very wealthy, you’ll run into this issue throughout your university career. For centuries, students have never had enough money. You’ve just ploughed all the money you and your parents had into attending this university, and now you have to live on the pittance left over. Try not to let this bum you out, as you’ll be sharing this problem with nearly every other college student in the nation and probably the world. The best ways you can deal with money issues on campus is to Look at the money you have coming in every month and make a budget. Try hard not to spend on unnecessary things and also start a small business like selling credit or water.


We hope these tips make life easier for you on campus.



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