To All Incoming University Freshers


WASSCE has been written, boxes have been broken and high school food has been kissed goodbye. Now, it is time to get ready for university, and probably move away from home as an adult. University is exciting, but it can get scary sometimes. As a person who has experienced university life, here are some tips for a successful and smooth transition into this important part of your life:

You are still a child in the eyes of your parents


No matter what you do, you are still a child in the eyes of your parents. You think you are heading to the university so you are your own person. Please re-evaluate the society you live in. Your parents will still expect to see you at home a couple of times a month, and if you aren’t lucky, they will still send you on mindless errands over the breaks. It’s alright though. Take advantage of their refusal to let you grow up. Trust me, the free food and pocket money will come in handy!

Your books are your friends


Your books are your friends. Some people forget that university isn’t all about making new friends and partying your soul away. You are still expected to go to class, take exams and earn good grades. Make sure you remember what classes you are taking and where they are, so that you can attend without your friends. At the end of the 4-5 years, you won’t receive a communal degree with those friends.

Set Goals and follow them


Set goals and follow them! It’s okay to be organized and to actually know what your life is about. Others may make fun of you for that, but remember why you are in the university (aside from the fact that your parents didn’t give you any other option). Create semester goals and put them where you can see them. Check off the ones you achieve and reward yourself for them. Then, make new ones and work towards those. SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-sensitive) goals work best!

A Relationship Is Not No. 1 Priority


Everyone else may have a boyfriend/girlfriend but you. Don’t beat yourself about it. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Take your time fishing. Focus on other things. Enjoy your own company, and that of your friends. Make that GPA while you still can. If you finish first year and you still don’t have a romantic partner, simply hug your pillow. Your partner may still be in high school or is now learning to walk.

Believe In Yourself


Believe in yourself! Remember that you survived high school and the WASSCE! You succeeded before, and you can do it again! It’s fine if you fail a few times. Failures can serve as lessons. Get yourself up, dust yourself down and keep chasing your goals. After all, how interesting would your story be if you didn’t stumble a few times?

These are all I have for you. Good luck in your first year and keep working on that “new place new me” personality!!


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