Looking Forward to A Great Weekend? Here Are A Few Places You Can Check Out

Weekends come with excitement because it’s the period when friends and family meet to have fun and destress from  a hard week’s work.

These are some few places you can visit if you want to have the best weekend.


Jetsetweekend is the best weekend experience you can get. If you are thinking to fly on  a private jet, t

hen this is the best time to have the fun of your life.

Jack Daniels is celebrating its 166th birthday and it is a big celebration you cannot afford to miss. If you are in Osu and its environs, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the weekend of your life.


Your Friday night just got better with friday hype. You are guaranteed  the best night of your life. It’s free for ladies till midnight.


On sunday, your night will never be dull because Sunday Nite at Shisha Lounge will be lit.

Enjoy your weekend and let’s meet on Tuesday.


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